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DStewart007-3695552796-OHealth became an interest of mine after a brush with diabetes. Checking in at a little over 223 pounds, I got busy trying to take off the pounds because I did not want to become diabetic. As I ventured forth, I found it to be a daunting task. In fact, an extremely hard thing to do.
The conclusion reached was that the only permanent solution to weight loss is the slow, persistent, continual, push for better health and less weight. Working on this project for five plus years, I have dropped about forty pounds, down to about 183, and my weight is stable.
My goal is to get under 150. Several of my Doctors have said some of the meds I am taking could be dropped with less weight, so health has become an important part of my life.
This website is dedicated to just that; my journey in that direction – better health, less weight and less meds.
I have included a blog, share recipes which others may also submit, recommended sites that have been found helpful, and anything else that may be useful on this journey.
You won’t find medical advice here; just the story of a lay person and what she has found works for her, and sharing it, hoping it might also help others. Feel free to respond by contacting me through my site.
For several years, the Savannah Morning News published a column titled The Healthy Kitchen written by myself, which you may find under the name Diane Stewart.
Also connected to the site, you will find cookbooks and culinary items for sale.

Diane Thomson – November 21, 2016